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As a mobile technician, what is your greatest asset? Some may say your commercial vehicle or high-quality tools, and these certainly would be important. However, YOU are your greatest asset! And with this in mind, it’s important to think ahead to ensure you’re doing all you can to stay safe. Here are a few examples of safety equipment such as partitions, Flettner vents and ladder racks that increase well being while driving or on the job:

1. Install a Partition for a Safe Ride:

With so many tools and heavy-duty materials in a commercial vehicle, it’s imperative to guard yourself with effective safety equipment in the event of a crash. In a collision even a light object can become a missile, projecting forward at a speed of 20 mph. Being struck with that kind of force could easily be fatal which is why every cargo van needs to be upfitted with a partition. Contoured, sliding door or clear view, there’s a partition built to suit your every need.

2. Keep the Air Fresh in your Cargo Van with a Flattener vent:

Driving and working in your commercial vehicle all day can quickly heat up the air space in your van. Breathing stale air over a long period of time can prove unhealthy, especially if it’s mixed with other fumes such as gasoline or diesel. The product most used to keep the air fresh is the Flettner vent. Made to push toxic air out and fresh air in, it’s a simple solution to keep drivers healthy and awake on the road.

3. Get a Max Step for Easy Access to your Cargo Van:

To be constantly stepping up into your commercial vehicle all day long, especially a high roof, can create unnecessary back strain and medical issues. Also, there’s always the chance of slipping and falling when stepping down out of the van. To make access to the van easier and less hazardous, Ranger Design created the Max Step. A durable rear step for all cargo vans, this piece of safety equipment is designed to eliminate accidents and offer tradesmen easier access to their cargo area.

4. Eliminate Back Strain with a Max Rack:

The job of a mobile technician is generally physically demanding, so whenever possible it’s good to get the right safety equipment to help prevent injuries. For contractors working with tall ladders, getting them down from the roof of their commercial vehicle can be a challenge. It was for this reason that Ranger Design created the Max Rack, a drop-down ladder rack designed to make loading and unloading of the ladder an easy job. With one simple movement, the Max Rack brings the ladder down to the right height with minimal effort.

5. Light up your Work space:

Furthermore, there’s no telling what accidents can happen inside a dark van. Fumbling around blindly through sharp, metal equipment for your tools is only asking for trouble. Cuts and bruises, if not worse, are inevitable. To reduce that risk it’s only smart for tradesmen to install lights in the cargo space of their commercial vehicle. Ranger Design offers inexpensive and quickly upfitted LED light strips for all vans, illuminating your work space and increasing overall safety.

Lastly, more important than anything, we must take control of our work stations by keep them sanitary for future jobs. In unprecedented times like COVID-19, we must take additional steps to keep our commercial van equipment clean and ready for use. Don’t let your fleet spread germs, viruses & disease by ensuring they’re clean and protected at all times! The ICON Hygiene Station not only protects your employees from germs but also protections your customers and the wider community.

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  • Work Van Safety Equipment
    As a mobile technician, what is your greatest asset? Some may say your commercial vehicle or high-quality tools, and these certainly would be important. However, YOU are your greatest asset!
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