Do Van Accessories Really Help Your Mobile Office?

First Impressions Always Count

Suppose two workmen in vans pull into your driveway.

As the first one jostles over the curb, you hear banging and clanging noises coming from inside the vehicle. You already know the noise is from tools and parts that are loose inside the van and clanging around. The dashboard is covered with paper, receipts and post-it notes. The passenger seat is piled high with books, catalogs and service manuals. Looking through the cargo door you see cardboard boxes of parts piled high, tools in buckets, tangled extension cords and other equipment is strewn about.

The second van, however, makes a totally different first impression. No papers on the dashboard and all office materials are neatly organized and filed away in special racks made just for that purpose. The cargo area is just as impressively organized, with shelves, drawers and bins of all sizes and shapes. Everything has a place.

Based on that first impression, which person would you feel most comfortable hiring? Which one appears the most professional, the most confident, and takes the most pride in his work. Yes, the organized van makes the sale.

Benefits of Getting Your Commercial Van Organized with the Right Accessories

It’s Easy To:

  • Be more efficient,
  • Control noise inside your van, and
  • Stand out from the competition by driving
  • A very professional looking commercial van.

Accessories Are Not Just for Fashion Models

Van accessories really help you organize your mobile office. Here are some tips:

Evaluate what you need to carry. Leave the rest in storage.

Make the space more livable and comfortable, because you are in your van hours every day. Consider adding extra lighting and seat covers.

Ladder Racks, Seat Covers, Paper Holder; Some Van Accessories Ideas to Consider

To help you find a place for everything, and to keep your workspace clean, look at these popular items:

Paper Holders…Get organized, tame the paper mess, aluminum

Hooks…Get your extension cords off the floor, holds hoses, ropes, more

Ladder Racks…Safely secures your ladders on your van’s roof. Aluminum, Powder Coated

Can Holder…Keep your aerosol cans handy, aluminum

Hard Hat Holder…Painted steel wire, easy to install, interior use

Lighting…See what you are doing, don’t work in the dark

Seat Covers…No need to drive on old, ripped or dirty seats. Covers for bucket seats that are easy to install, resistant to water and stains, and offer a tight fit

You don’t have to buy everything at once. Make a plan, and then add pieces at your own pace. It is very satisfying to build your own work area.

Let Ranger Design Help You Choose the Best Van Accessories for your Needs

Ranger design offers a large selection of accessories and tips on how to use them.

It makes sense for us to offer the best quality products and to provide amazing customer service. That made us one of the leaders in the commercial van outfitting industry.

So, take the first step to increasing your workday’s efficiency, keeping things organized, and most of all, giving a very professional image.

It’s good for business.

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