Please Note: During the COVID-19 Pandemic, the team at ComVan is committed to remaining safe & available to answer your questions! Learn more about what we are doing to help.

During this unprecedented time, we would like to inform you that the team at ComVan is working hard to prevent the spread of the virus and to remain a reliable supplier of commercial vehicle equipment to our valued customers. We are committed to maintaining our level of customer service, and giving you peace of mind while dealing with ComVan. Below is a list of changes that we have made:

Our Team:

•             Cross-training for critical roles.

•             Trained in cleanliness and the prevention of viruses.

•             Remote working policy for office employees.

•             Face-to-face contact has been limited to necessary meetings only. Video conferencing is in operation during business hours.

•             Flexible hours to allow for personal needs.

Our Supply Chain:

•             Ensuring an alternate supplier for all of our products.

•             Ensuring our supply chain is kept open as long as possible.

Our Facilities:

•             Facilities have been sanitized.

•             Limited access to our place of business. All visitors are required to make an appointment.

•             Sanitizers & wipes are on-site at all times.

•             No contact policy for shipping & delivery drivers.

Let us know if there is anything we can do to assist in these unprecedented times! Our team is available via phone, email or video conferencing to discuss your needs and challenges so we can bring new solutions to the table.

Thanks again for your support and understanding.


Jason Hewitt  

General Manager

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